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Aug 31

 posted by Pamela  Perry from United States on August 31, 2020 18:59

I needed a score of 750-800 to get approved for mortgage loan and credit card because i had to do the surgery at that time. I saw Youtube recommendations about Aaron Swartz as a credit doctor. Just after 3 days he helped me increase my credit score, now I am scoring 798 excellent so I can apply for anything, all thanks to Aaron Swartz . He also wiped negative collection items off my credit report. CONTACT:= AARONSWARTZCYBERSERVICES@GMAIL.COM OR 1 (614) 344-8376 You will be glad you did.

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[ posted by Philip Hart, September 17, 2020 2:54 ]
     After going through a car repossession and foreclosure in 2018, my credit score dropped to Equifax: 512, TransUnion: 504. All attempts to get my credit back to a good rating didn't yield positive results. Just last month while I was browsing a credit blog, I came across a comment by Aaron on how he got his credit fixed by 760PLUS CREDIT SCORE. Immediately, I reached out to 760PLUS and asked if he could help fix my credit score too. He responded positively and I had to subscribe to his services. On checking my credit report after 9days, my score had been skyrocketed to Equifax: 781, TransUnion: 772. I also noticed that the car repossession, foreclosure, hard inquiries, late payments on my credit report has been removed. What an awesome service! Here's his contact info if you need his services; Email: 760pluscreditscore at gmail dot com or 1 (304) 774 5902.

[ posted by Charles Roland, November 04, 2020 6:29 ]
     I’m Charles Roland RL, I needed assistance in repairing my credit and removing eviction off record, so I contacted Jerrylink Credit Group who did the wonders, they deleted the eviction which was my greatest concern and boosted my score to 790 in less than 7 days. I strongly recommend Jerrylink for their good works, my appreciation to the entire team for their support all through the process. Here’s the contact : jerrylinkgroup@gmail.com or call 1(916) 888 4118.

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