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Oct 31

 posted by Anna Irene  Irene from United States on October 31, 2019 13:01

It happened that Febuary last year i was so confused and worried about getting a comfortable and conducive apartment to rent, so i told my brother who lives in Atlanta about how i'm struggling to survive and my situation then he told me about Daniel who helped him fix his credit in 2017, well everything he said about Daniel as a very professional credit repair specialist who could help me with boosting my credit score and removing my negative items off my credit report was too good to be true to me but i decided to work with Daniel and to my greatest surprise he was exactly all my brother said about him, he raised my credit score from a poor 468 to 793, wiped off my foreclosures, student loans, evictions and removed all my hard inquiries, he's quick to reply text or emails, and he's a man of his words, ya'll should go work with him and enjoy his affordable and self reliable credit repair service, i'm saying all this because i promised him i'll recommend him to more people to work with him, you can get in touch with him via his email DANIELKENCYBERSERVICES@GMAIL.COM OR his phone No 1(407)680-2514, Good luck guys.

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